Drumming App’s

IMG_0749Rock ‘n’ Roll Drumming App

During the last ten years we have seen technology move forward in our everyday lives, including access to information in the palm of our hands. With mobile phones being a massive part of this, it wasn’t too long before educational material was also available in the same way.

Over the last few years I was lucky to be asked to create a drumming App based around what grooves and fills I use when playing Rock n Roll. This was a project I was incredibly proud to be involved in and I can now announce that it is available to the drumming public.

It is currently only available on the ipad, but I’m sure given time, it will soon be available on other formats.

The App includes over thirty interactive video’s to help you through early fifties Blues/Rockabilly grooves and fills.

If you are interested, please follow the link on your ipad and download it today. For the small price of £3.99, we’ll have you shuffling like a professional within days.

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